Right Choice Cleaning

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We’ve worked closely with the client (Carlos) on various projects previously and were excited when he approached Octopus Media for his new venture, Right Choice Cleaning.

Right Choice Cleaning provide commercial and domestic cleaning throughout the north east and we had to come up with a responsive website as well as digital marketing for the client, all within the proposed budget.

Sarah Aimee was the designer who took the lead for this particular project as she took head of the clients goals to create a design that would maximise the new ventures chances of success. We also had make the website conducive to Search Engine Otimization (SEO) and we created a content strategy to increase the company’s ranking on Google searches.

The website we created was designed in a way to give potential customers a simple way to find out more about Right Choice and we were able to do this through various techniques. One of those things was the creating Call-To-Action buttons as well as both front-end and back-end SEO optimization to help the business bring in clients organically (and for free!) through Google search enquiries.