Kamrans Barbers

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Kamrans barbers is a chain of barbers throughout the north east. Since starting with a single shop, the chain has now grown to 10 which is testament to the excellent service they provide.

Their signature black and red themed shops have become a normal sight throughout the north east and if you live in the region, you’ve probably seen one of their shops.

We were given the project for the website and we created a simple, cost-effective web design that satisfied the clients’ need. The WordPress themed site was developed by our head developer ‘The Kaiser’ and we continue to provide IT and web support for the chain of barbers.

We continue to work closely with Kamran in various areas including digital marketing, graphic design and printing. We also helped create the logo as well as the banners used within their shops.

Kamran is now branching out into creating a Barbers academy, something that Octopus Media are intimately involved. So what this space and stay tuned for updates about the new Barbering academy that will be based in Newcastle.