Eurospotter website

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Octopus Media have extensive experience of designing e-commerce websites and we were delighted to work with a dynamic start-up that’s already taking Newcastle (and the world!) by storm, ESPTR (an abbreviation for Eurospotter).

The brief was to create a clean and modern e-commerce website for ESPTR that would be optimized for getting the maximum amount of exposure and sales. ESPTR is already a legendary brand within the Automotive sphere and are recognized worldwide for their revolutionary trends within the market.

It was a pleasure working with the group of young entrepreneurs led by the impressive Amaar Malik all of whom share a deep passion for cars and fashion. The website was built on using Shopify, one of the best e-commerce platforms and we were able to convey the brands image through a contemporary and bold design that was also creative!

ESPTR hold their own events and has following in countries such as the USA, Japan, Mexico and South Africa! They’ll be hosting the Kultureshock festival at Gateshead Stadium on the 9th June 2019, details of which you can find here:

Since Eurospotter started in 207, they’ve enjoyed massive growth and have become one of the north east’s premier car hosting companies. In terms of getting such high quality cars in one place at one time, no other organisation comes close to the pedigree of Eurospotter.