Dream Cream Mosa – Cream Chargers

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Dream Cream (DC) is an e-commerce website that specializes in providing high quality Cream Chargers for the Restaurant trade. Octopus Media provided the full-level of services for this project and this included the website design, logo and graphic design, social media marketing and SEO.

If your in the food trade and make desserts, we highly recommend Dream Cream, not only for the quality of their cream chargers but also because of the extraordinary saving compared to competitors. (For example, they sell 600 Cream Chargers for £199.99 whilst nearly all the rivals sell the same product at £250).

Dream Cream sell a very specific type of product relevant to a very niche market as very few people use cream chargers. Through our experience in digital marketing, we were able to identify the most efficient way of reaching the target market and used our creativity to promote their product in the most attractive way. The target market were dessert places that use cream chargers and with this in mind, we set forth our campaign, which focussed primarily on SEO and social media.

Within a 3 month period, the website was garnering healthy organic growth for the term “Cream Chargers” and was ranking on page 2 of Google search. This was thanks to our extensive experience of SEO in the North East and we were able to deliver the client result in a short time frame.

Cream chargers are used for making desserts thus the ideal target audience were owners and managers of Dessert places. Through various social media channels, we were able to bring the product in front of the most likeliest people to buy. Facebook Ads were used to get the product in front of our potential customers and this successfully resulted in a number of sales.

We also provided SEO optimization that helped the website rank higher for the relevant keywords, something that will be a long-term asses for the company. Dream Cream will continue to get organic traffic for people looking to buy cream chargers thanks to the deep SEO work already undertaken.

To get a better flavour of the client (no pun intended) we went ahead and bought the companies cream chargers ourselves so we could test them out. Using cream chargers was a new experience for us but we saw first-hand how easy it was to learn and use the cream chargers supplied by Dream Cream.

We further got some cream chargers from other brands and tested out our clients claim that the MOSA brand of cream chargers were the best out there. From using a few different brands, we have to agree and we were thoroughly impressed by the difference between other brands and those cream chargers approved by MOSA.

(Credit: Rocket Media, Newcastle SEO experts)