Dyslexia North East

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Dyslexia North East (DNE) are a group of amazing individuals and volunteers who care passionately about the aspirations and welfare of those suffering from Dyslexia. Octopus Media were proud to be working with such an extraordinary charity organisation that has helped thousands of people since it’s launch in 2005.

We were approached by the team of DNE via a referral and were given a brief to make a new dynamic and responsive website that would serve as an excellent resource for people in the north east suffering with Dyslexia. We created numerous features that were specific for the client including custom-made Calendars tabs allowing visitors to keep on top of upcoming events for the Dyslexic community.

Octopus Media worked very closely with DNE to ensure that we met all of the clients’ needs and requirements. We continue to provide hosting and IT support for DNE as well as graphic and printing work.

We further provided SEO services to help the website rank higher for queries through Google. One of the initial challenges that all new websites face is getting themselves ranked on the search engines, which is a tremendous source of traffic for any website. By formulating a tailor-made SEO campaign on behalf of the client, we were able to dramatically increase the number of queries for DNE through Google.

Website: www.dyslexiane.org.uk