Wafi Lounge

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Octopus Media pride ourselves on our excellent relationships with our customers and case in point is our ongoing relationship with Wafi Lounge. Since we first worked together in 2013, Octopus Media has paired with Wafi Lounge on dozens of different areas including web design, graphic design, printing and digital marketing.

For the website design, Octopus Media focussed on creating a dynamic and

Fluid website for the client and we worked closely with the owner Mido to make sure we met their demands. We continue to provide ongoing support for Wafi Lounge and have initiated various modifications on the website over the years. We’ve also provided extensive graphic design and printing work over the years and you’ll see Octopus Media’s influence on the interior of the restaurant too!

Based in the centre of Newcastle, Wafi Lounge has grown to become one of the premier restaurants in the north east and has amassed a loyal following in a short time. Specialising in authentic Lebanese cuisine through their team of expert chefs, you certainly won’t regret dining in such a luxurious restaurant. As well as the restaurant, Wafi is renowned for their extensive Cocktail menu to wash away your taste buds.

To top it off, Wafi Lounge also offer Sisha in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.