Taxi Companies in the North – Who are the best?

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Here at Octopus Media, we have extensive experience with working with a range of Taxi companies.

Our clients within the Taxi industry cover the length and breadth of the North and here, we list some of the best Taxi companies we have worked with in the past, depending on the region.

With the advent of UBER and other such platforms, the passenger now has numerous options when it comes to choosing their car teansport. Gone are the days when there were only a few taxi companies to choose from. The choice however can make it difficult to find out what the most cost-effective and ethical way of booking a taxi would be.

Whilst UBER has certainly made it easy to book a taxi in seconds, most taxi companies now have their own easy-to-use apps which make it just as easy to book a ride. We also know that UBER is renowned for not treating their drivers in the best way and don’t offer them Work Contracts which can mean that the drivers might not benefit from driving with UBER.

However, there are numerous taxi companies that are arguably more ethical than their bigger rivals thus it’s worth exploring the option of booking a taxi through local taxi companies, as you wil also be helping the local economy, unlike an International business like UBER who don’t invest so much in the local community.

In terms of the North East, the two main taxi firms in the region we would recommend are LA Taxis and Dean Taxis. Both are considered heavyweight taxi companies in the area and are 2 of the biggest taxi companies not just in the North East but in the entire north.

Moving further South, there are numerous taxi companies in Yorkshire that we would recommend. Within Leeds, there are numerous options to choose from but Roadrunners Taxi Leeds have got a great track record and are renowned for the quality of service that they provide for their passengers, as is evident through their stellar rating on Google.

Another taxi also worth mentioning in West Yorkshire is Elite Cars, a taxi firm that covers Wakefield, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike and Cleckheaton. If Google ratings are a god barometer of how good a company is, then just like Roadrunners Leeds taxis, Elite Cars would also be up there with the very best in the region.

This is just a sample of some of the best taxi companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with but it’s worth always doing your own research to find what would be the best taxi company for you.