Opticians in the North East: McCormick and Gorman

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Octopus Media have extensive experience in working with various businesses and we have a number of opticians among our roster.

One company which has impressed us immensely is McCormick and Gorman, a chain of 3 opticians in Billingham, Middlesbrough and Ingleby-Barwick.

One of the major plus points about the chain is that they employ talented optometrists with extensive experience within their field. The core team have been together for a n umber of years and it’s easy to see how and why they’ve become so popular over the years.

The wealth of experience available at their disposal has ensured that all 3 chains of McCormick and Gorman have all the best optometrists in the local area and ones you can trust completely with something as sensitive as the eyes.

The state-of-the-art equipment used by the opticians enhances the user experience and ensures that the best quality of care is always provided. This equipment is both in terms of the eye examinations as well as in the production of new spectacles. The management team has invested heavily in buying the latest equipment and one only needs to look at the extraordinary Google reviews to understand exactly how good they are.

One of the major features that has made McCormick so popular is their exceptional childcare services as they have a team of experts within the development of children’s vision. They work closely with most of the Local Eye Hospitals and are even able to deliver spectacles made to high prescriptions within 24 hours. There’s a huge range of frames for children available and that includes their own Chico range, developed internally.

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