Corporate Identity

Creating your business’s corporate identity can be tough, but Octopus Media can make it very easy. Developing and defining your corporate identity can help you understand some trickier aspects of your business, such as, i) Who you are as a business And ii) Where you are going as a business.

Standing out within the business world is paramount; getting noticed by consumers can help you get ahead of the competition. Understanding your corporate identity will help you change or augment your identity, appealing to larger demographics of customers.

In general, a corporate title and logo (logotype / logogram) will play their part in producing a bond between a company and its consumers. This bond can be consolidated further by including the logo and design in your product’s packaging. A brand and logo are two different elements, each contributing towards your business’s growth and development. Octopus has years of experience working on corporate branding, so the visual side of your identity is in safe hands.

Corporate Identity Guidelines

These guidelines govern how your business’s identity is applied. The guidelines include the following:

  • Approved colour scheme
  • Typeface
  • Page layouts
  • Identity manual


Telling You Business’s Story
At Octopus Media we understand that storytelling is a powerful tool: we know the importance of sending out the essential message behind your corporate identity. If the story is good enough and speaks to your customers, then they’ll spread the word for you – and that is where the real magic begins.

Please contact Octopus Media if you have any questions about our corporate identity services. 

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