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Aveika is a brand new venture for The Gainford Group. Located at the heart of Newcastle’s Quayside, Aveika brings something new to Newcastle that has never been seen before. With the restaurant bringing a modern, contemporary take on Japanese cuisine and the bar bringing chic to the highest standard, Aveika has made its mark and brought the Quayside back to life.

As with all of The Gainford Group businesses, we were brought on board to help with everything from graphic design to building the website. The website, reflecting the brand and interior, combines style and sophistication with a design that will never date or lose its appeal.  

We worked very closely with Aveika to make sure we could bring their exact vision to life. Keeping the content on the website to a minimum allows the quality of the venue, service and food to speak for itself.

For the design, the background of the website stays the same throughout and showcases the inside of the venue perfectly. Although it looks amazing – nothing can compare to seeing the décor with the naked eye!

The menu is very simple consisting of only 4 options – Book a table, Menus, Introducing Aveika and Join the Team. A table booking system was integrated into the website for the restaurant making it more convenient to make a reservation on the go. This is such an important feature of a website nowadays as so many people us the internet for every aspect of their lives.

No fuss, no frills! Although the website looks simple in design, a lot of hard work has gone into the project from everyone involved.

Simple yet effective.                                                                          

Our team visited Aveika on the VIP opening evening and we thoroughly recommend a trip to sample the food and drink! You won’t be disappointed. Stay tuned to see how Aveika develops! 

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Project Aveika Complete


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