Return of the Cash

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Boxing: Akash “Cash” Hussain Returns To The Ring At Newcastle's 02 Academy

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Newcastle Floods

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We found ourselves in a battle to save our office space during the recent torrential rain within Newcastle upon Tyne.

Within a very short space of time, approximately 20 minutes when the weather changed. We found our office floor under 10 inches of water.

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If you were asked to plan your own future and what it would look like, you would probably paint a colourful and positive picture. Now, if you were to answer the same question for your business, why wouldn’t you use the same creative vision? And more importantly, why wouldn’t you use the best creative minds with the know-how to help realise this vision?

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Web developers are a different class of breed, as far as I can tell they love drinking 2ltr fizzy pop to give them that extra bit of power to tackle local and global variables.

At Octopus Media we have decided to take on an apprentice. Stephen is our only apprentice and from what we’ve seen, he has the perfect blend to fit in well within the web development team.

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Project Aveika Complete


Aveika is a b...

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