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Octopus Media just keeps on growing; we have just hired a new Senior Designer, Iain Durham. Iain’s main duties as well as designing are to offer support and a mentoring role to the design team as well as to help the Project Managers with the organisation of incoming design jobs.

Originally from Inverness, Iain lived in South Africa for 10 and a half years before moving back to England earlier this year. Now a firm resident of the North East he lives in the sunny lanes of South Shields, with his wife, Joanne, and two daughters Shania and Zara, whom he describes as his princess and little tomboy. As well as creating stunning visuals on the computer, Iain has a passion for cooking and can often be found whipping up a delight in the kitchen.


Q&A with Iain:

How did you initially get into designing?

“I started my design career by studying in Business and Media at a college, which is now university, in London.”

What would you say your strongest skills are with regards to design?

“I have extensive knowledge and experience with Adobe Creative Suite, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. “

What is your favourite thing about designing?

“My favourite thing about designing is creating a product and impressing the client with the finished result, it gives me a real buzz.”

How do you like working at Octopus Media?

“I think it’s great. Everyone is very friendly and I am so pleased I get to grow with the company. There is a lot of potential here.”


We are so happy to have Iain join our vastly growing team and look forward to seeing where the future takes us. 

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