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Web developers are a different class of breed, as far as I can tell they love drinking 2ltr fizzy pop to give them that extra bit of power to tackle local and global variables.

At Octopus Media we have decided to take on an apprentice. Stephen is our only apprentice and from what we’ve seen, he has the perfect blend to fit in well within the web development team.

Hi, I'm Stephen or whatever nickname I've been given this week such as Stefan, Serge and Romario. Being a big Sunderland fan, out of the three nicknames, my favourite is Romario (quality footballer).

Being the new kid on the block, I've been closely watching my team mates. I have spent my first couple of weeks here learning from the senior developer as well as working on a few of my own projects.

I will be using programming languages such as ASP, CSS3, HTML5 and .Net. I've always been interested in web development from an early age. Understanding the mechanics behind web development and learning to code in a logical and efficient manner.

In years to come everything is going to be online, being at the forefront within web development is so very important to me. I'm looking forward to the challenges set to me by my colleagues and Development Director.

Here's to a comfy seat, lots of pop and studying code. I can't wait to see my coding level will be in the next two years. If I could I'd invent a time machine and get to see how good I am in the future.

Back over to me…

Stephen is going to be part of our front end development team, taking care of websites and software development functionality. Making sure all is well on the HTML and CSS front, essential building blocks for any website and software.

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