Hau5, sweet Hau5

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Last month we had the amazing opportunity to work with the biggest weekly club night in the UK outside of London. Hau5 has hosted its massive night in Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Sheffield and Newcastle.


The concept of Hau5 really thrived when it hit Newcastle and has continued to do so by using instrumental soloists, live gymnastics performances, robot performers and professionally orchestrated set opening for their resident DJs for their night, making it truly spectacular. Not only was the word of Hau5 spreading regionally but also nationally.


One of our designers jumped at the chance of working on the Hau5 website, being a club-goer himself, and his passion really shone through on the remarkable design. Next came the development of the website, and with just an idea and a coder the Hau5 project was fully in motion. Complete with carousel images, background music playing from the Hau5 resident DJs, and a countdown timer on the holding page, the Hau5 website looked every bit as astounding as the club night itself.


The response we got to the website certainly did not disappoint with 10,000 hits as soon as the site went live. Social media was going absolutely crazy, with users counting down the minutes till the site went live. Even the managing director himself was trending on Twitter! It is certain to say that the reaction the website received was unbelievable.


It is a must see website, so ‘For the Love Of Hau5’ visit www.hau5.co.uk. 

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