Christmas Spirit

Posted by: System on 10 Dec 2013 Tagged by:

With Christmas just around the corner and Santa's sleigh almost in sight, it was time that Octopus Media got into the festive spirit!


Combine two enthusiastic, Christmas-loving people with a credit card and a shop full of Christmas decorations, and Octopus Media was transformed into a winter wonderland.


There may have been a few Scrooge's in the office, but despite all of their Bah Humbug's we decorated the place in full Christmas style. From tinsel around the computer screens, to large shining stars hanging down from the ceiling, and not forgetting our tastefully decorated Christmas Tree at the front of the office. We certainly took full advantage of being granted permission to decorate the office.


Here at Octopus we love to be creative, however if you are looking for an interior decorator then I strongly suggest that you look in the Yellow Pages as we may have went just a little overboard with our Christmas decorations. It's safe to say that we should stick with design, software and marketing and leave the decorating to the professionals.

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