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We were recently called up by the Air21 Group in order to create an awesome site, and boy have we been busy! With a real full plate of new features to implement, we took the time to appreciate the kind of company Air21 Group is! A company built around a real innovation, that has risen through the ranks to become a proven competitor in the market it has established itself in, and it has really broken some new ground - in what is otherwise a difficult market to enter, a real niché, predictive dialing software.

Air21, the leading telecoms software provider for England, and recent winners of the 'Support Team' of the year award, recently got in touch with us here at Octopus in order to get the ball rolling on the development of their new website. Their old site was looking alright to begin with, they had a lot of good consistency between the design elements of their website, and they had used  plenty of eye-catching imagery to encapture their audience and reduce their bounce rate.

However, we think there is always room for improvements when looking back at an older site. We thought we could make the most out of their site, and really help enbolden their online presence - which for a business in a niché market can mean everything! We decided to firstly take a look at their layout, with a pretty standard image, it wasn't uncommon to think that it was just 'another site' on the web. We found that it just looked to general, and whilst it was indeed consistent, we wanted to make this site stand out - just like it's physical company had!

In order to do so, we started by setting up some css ( A coding language) powered animation that added a subtle feel to the site, introducing a more proffesional, yet lively feel. We then instilled some interactivity into the site, using a specially prepared web-graphic that upon hovering over, allows you to closer inspect the smaller elements stored within the image, which was great for the client's need to display an online vision of their product. We then added a little more flair, by coding in some scroll-depenedant animation - items that change their position on the screen as you scroll - helping to create a fluid feel to their site. Finally, we added some awesome functionality - with the option to email and telephone and be called back, all written into their site, it is practically begging to be interacted with, helping to draw even more customers in.

All in all, we've made a pretty awesome site - and we hope you think so too!

(We know Air21 Group do.)

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