Octopus Media Office

We know what works and we know how to work it well

Talk about having many different arms at Octopus Media. With our skillset we love creating the new you! Getting you the exposure you deserve and helping you to stand out in your market.


Over the years we have developed our CREATIVEDESIGN process. Listening to our clientele and generating new ideas on paper has helped create amazing partnerships along the way. When you succeed, we succeed. It's that simple!

Our skills are in branding,
software development
and marketing. We love
anything that is digital
and print.

Our Creative Design Process



Lets discover together. Client
consultation to ensure we understand
your requirements and offer new
ways in which to carry them out.


Research &

We love sitting down and researching
and prototyping ideas for design
and code. We'll sit down with you
to define requirements for each


Design & Develop

Design and develop with a touch of
project management. We'll create
timelines and stages for the project
with set targets to meet.


Feedback & Amend

Our role is to create artwork be it
design or code for you to review.
Listening to you and taking your
feedback, we’ll address the
amendments and complete the
task at hand.



Deliver artwork, code, marketing
material or print to your
specifications. Ensuring the end
product gets you noticed and
to help you stand out.

Meet the team

  • Farrakh Aslam


    Film: Goodfellas

    Food: Peri Peri Chicken

    Dislike: Pretentious People

    Software and Production Director

    Farrakh is the founder of Octopus Media, as well as the head of the software and website development team. Any software that you need he will create it with the simplest of ease, however he may crack a few coding jokes while you’re there!

  • Ajmal Abbas


    Film: Desperado

    Food: Grilled Burger

    Dislike: Loud Noise

    Design Director

    AJ is one of our directors and is also the head designer. He has a vast experience in both graphic and website design. If there is anything you want designed, no matter how crazy, trust me he can do it!

  • Ayesha Khan


    Film: The Incredibles

    Food: Indian

    Dislike: Rain

    Business Adminstrator

    Ayesha is the Business Administrator for Octopus. Her positive and well-mannered outlook shines through at the front of the office. Ayesha is the go to girl for everything, She knows who is designing what and everyones appointments, aswell as working with website content management and helping to manage the business behind the scenes!

  • Graham Bartlett


    Film: Top Gun

    Food: Calzone

    Dislike: Laziness

    Print Director

    Graham co-heads all the printing with AJ. He helps to make sure that everything looks picture perfect before it goes off to print, assists in the printing of posters and leaflets and is a print-everyman! He is always busy in the office, helping to push out everything on schedule and sometimes forgets to eat his lunch! Graham is the go to guy for serious printing!

  • Kurtis Amos


    Film: Back to the Future

    Food: Dixy Chicken

    Dislike: Selfies

    Graphic Designer

    Kurtis is one of our Graphic Designers. With a creative mind and a hairstyle to match, there’s nothing too “out there” for him to design.

  • Stephen Romero


    Film: Swordfish

    Food: Sunday Dinner

    Dislike: Vegetables

    Senior Developer

    Stephen is one of our website developers. He has experience in coding HTML and ASP.NET, and has a real passion for development. From carousel images to integrated music, he can achieve anything with code.

  • Raheim Naeem


    Film: The Truman Show

    Food: Apples

    Dislike: Capital Letters

    Junior Graphic Designer

    Raheim is our Junior Graphic Designer. He may be quiet but his work is anything but! His passion for designing really shows, just let him loose on a computer and he’ll show you how loud he can be. 

  • Jay


    Film: River's Edge

    Food: Tuna Melt

    Dislike: Metro


    Jay is our newest developer, and boy does he show some talent for coding! With his mix of capabilities, he's a real asset to the team - whether he's helping to write a responsive style sheet in CSS, or whether he's working his magic on a site-revamp, his unique style leaves clients both impressed and satisfied with the end result.

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